Lindenwood Cemetery History

Lindenwood Cemetery was consecrated in May 1861. The Cemetery occupies the southern slope of a gentle elevation facing Montvale Avenue.


Lindenwood was artistically designed by Town Surveyor Amasa Farrier in 1861. The curved paths and ornamental plantings followed in most careful fashion well published works of English horticulturist John Claudius Loudon and American landscape gardener Andrew Jackson Downing, as well as the design of the 1832 Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

Civil War Memorial & Veterans Burial Area

Just inside the entrance to the Cemetery is the Civil War Memorial and Veterans Burial Area. The inscription on the Memorial reads: "To the men of Stoneham who died for their country in the War of the Rebellion". - "Erected by the Town AD1869"

The Memorial lists each man and the circumstance of his death:

  • 8 Died in Rebel Prisons
  • 9 Died of Wounds
  • 11 Killed in Battle
  • 25 Died of Disease

The fifty-three men were about ten percent of the more than five hundred Stoneham men who answered the call of their country from a community with a population of about three thousand.