Ownership of Lots & Rights of Burial

The following rules and regulations apply to ownership and rights:

  • The Town reserves the right to limit the sale of lots to any individual(s) or family.
  • Owners or proprietors of rights of burial, or their heirs, shall not sell or convey same to any person or persons without written approval of the Town of Stoneham, and it shall be optional with the Town to grant or withhold approval. The Town will buy back any lot(s), which are no longer wanted for the price they were originally purchased minus the perpetual care cost. Lot(s) from one area cannot be swapped for lot(s) in a different area.
  • No rights of burial shall be sold to non-residents of the Town of Stoneham unless such person has previously been a resident and is considered by the Town of Stoneham to be entitled to right of purchase or burial in Lindenwood Cemetery.
  • Right of burial and use of a lot shall at all times be subject to provisions of the General Laws of Massachusetts; and to all By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Town of Stoneham, now in effect or hereafter enacted or provided.
  • Possession of a Deed shall not be deemed necessary, but sufficient proof of right of burial is essential and must be furnished to the Cemetery Department before interment will be permitted in a lot or grave in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • In all cases where a number of heirs have equal of burial the names and addresses should be furnished to the Cemetery Department to complete its records. No interments shall be made until the Foreperson is furnished with a permit as required by the laws of the Commonwealth, together with an order from the owner or person considered a legal representative, if a named representative is not on file in the Cemetery records.
  • No interment shall be made until the fees established by the Town Administrator have been paid. View a schedule of fees.
  • Re-interments within a Cemetery will be made for the fee of two interments and In accordance with applicable law.
  • The Cemetery Department may insist upon a 24-hour notice prior to any interment or removal.
  • Lot owners are encouraged to keep the Town informed of the name, address and phone number of the person to contact regarding their lot(s).
  • All interments shall be in accordance with applicable law. Every earth interment shall be made in an outside concrete container of sufficient strength and durability to constitute a reasonable permanent support for the weight above it.
  • Only one interment shall be permitted in a grave except in cases where a pine wood box has been previously used and at least ten years have elapsed since such interment; except in sections of the Cemetery where, in the opinion of the
  • Foreperson, the terrain and other conditions are adaptable for more than one interment in a grave. In such cases an additional charge shall be made for opening of grave.
  • The Cemetery Department reserves the right to correct any errors that may be made by it either in making interments, disinterment's or removals.
  • The Cemetery Department shall not be held responsible for any order given by telephone, or for any mistakes occurring from the want of precise and proper information or instructions as to the particular space, size and location in a lot where an interment or disinterment is desired.
  • No burials will be permitted or made in the Cemetery on these Holidays: Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day; or any Holiday that falls on a Monday.
  • Four cremations may be allowed to a single grave where the right of burial has never been used. Up to three cremations may be allowed to a single grave where a regular burial has taken place, depending on the site and soil conditions.
  • Cremations must be placed in permanent containers when delivered to the cemetery via parcel post.