Things That Don't Belong in the Recycling

  • Bagged recyclables in plastic bags--take them out of the bags and either take the bag back to the super market to recycle or throw the bag away.
  • No plastic bags in the recycling cart/container, that includes supermarket bags, bread bags, chip bags, plastic film that comes wrapped around bottled water, six pack plastic rings. Either take the bags and wrappings back to the super market to recycle or throw them away.
  • Yuck Includes food and liquids, used paper towels and used paper plates and used utensils, bottoms of pizza boxes with cheese and grease, and diapers. Recyclables need to be clean and dry. Rinse them out, don't leave food in them. This will make the cart/container less attractive to pests.
  • Any clothing, sheets, shoes and accessories like belts, hats etc. Ripped, stained or torn the textile recyclers want them--just make sure they are clean and dry. Keep them out of your recycling cart.
  • Tanglers are things like hoses, wires, chains, and plastic strapping. They are a real danger, getting caught in machinery. Throw them in the trash.
  • In Stoneham we see things like construction waste and wood, yard waste, toaster ovens and air conditioners, - things that fit in the carts / containers but absolutely don't belong there as recycling.