Request a Final Water Reading

Setting Up a Final Reading

The current owner/real estate agent/lawyer has to call the Department of Public Works at 781-438-0760 or 781-438-2583 to set up a final water meter reading, at least 72 hours in advance of the closing.

Final Reading Guidelines

  • Please have the buyer/new owner’s name available as we will need it before we can set up an appointment.
  • Appointments are scheduled 2 days prior to passing (excluding weekends), Monday through Friday at a specific time.
  • Someone will have to be at the property that is being sold to allow the meter reader to enter the house to read and inspect the water meter, etc., for the closing.
  • There is a $50 fee for a missed scheduled appointment.
  • The reading/information will then be brought to the Water Department at the Public Works, where a confirmation of meter reading will be processed.
  • The confirmation of meter reading will be available for pick up at the Public Works Department, 16 Pine Street. 
  • The Department of Public Works may require a copy of the Purchase and Sale prior to scheduling an appointment for the final meter reading.