Role of the Assessors Office

The role of the Assessors office, under the direction of the Board of Assessors, is the valuation of all real and personal property throughout the entire community. The Department of Revenue requires that all property is valued at full and fair cash value which ensures that all property owners pay their fair and equitable share of the yearly tax burden.


This office is responsible for meeting and adhering to strict certification requirements of the Department of Revenue. To meet these requirements, the assessors are obligated to revalue all properties yearly and, once every five years, undergo a state re-certification audit. In addition to its appraisal duties, the Assessors office responsibilities includes the processing of property tax abatements, statutory exemptions, resolving excise tax issues as well as various real estate related inquiries.

The Goal of the Assessors office

The goal of the Assessors office is to assist the public in locating information pertaining to all real estate, business personal property and motor vehicle excise tax. Please make use of the various resources on our website including the common forms and documents used by this office including Statutory Exemption and Abatement applications. There are also links to other websites containing both real estate and valuation related information including the Registry of Deeds and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. (See Quick Links below)

Additional Information

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, please call and ask a member of the office staff. We are here to assist you.


Board of Assessors Title Term Expiration
Eric Josephson Secretary 2025
Craig Celli Chairman 2024
William Jordan   2026