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Online Excise Tax Abatement Application

  1. Please indicate your reason for seeking an Excise Tax Abatement.
    An Excise tax abatement is due if ownership has changed and the registration has been cancelled or transferred. No abatement is entitled if the registration is canceled but ownership is retained or if moving to another Massachusetts city / town within the same year.
  2. Please attach the required vehicle disposal documentation. Vehicle documentation such as the Purchase & Sale of your new vehicle, a bill of sale, an Insurance Total Loss Letter, Donation Receipt, Salvage receipt or Registration of the same vehicle in a new state.
  3. Please attach the plate documentation in the form of a Plate Cancellation receipt. No registration is required if transferred to a new vehicle registered within the Town of Stoneham & an Excise Tax Bill has been issued for that new vehicle.
  4. Has your mailing address changed?*
    If a refund check is due, can the refund be mailed to same address indicated on the excise tax bill? If you have answered "Yes, my address has changed.", please provide your new mailing address below.
  5. Please note, if you have transferred the plates to a new vehicle registered in Stoneham and you have yet to pay the excise tax bill for that new vehicle, the refund / abatement will be applied to your new bill. You will be emailed with the revised amount due on the new bill. You will be notified within 2 business days with a response to this abatement application.
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