How do I make an online payment?

There are several ways you can submit online payments to the Town of Stoneham. You can utilize your bank’s bill pay system or you can pay through our website using our secure Unipay System. Both are fast and effective as long as the correct information is provided.

Bank (Bill Pay Method)

When you utilize your bank’s online bill payment service you are authorizing your bank to send us the payment directly. (Normally in the form of a check) This process can take up to a week to process due to the nature of the payment. General guidelines are as follows (check with your bank for specific instructions):

  • Set up the Town of Stoneham as a payee
  • When you submit the payment it is essential that you change the reference/notation to the specific bill type you are paying (some banks may have an account option):
    • Excise reference your Plate number
    • Water/Sewer reference your Account Number
    • Real Estate reference your Parcel Identification

This is essential for assuring proper credit to the correct account.

Paying Through the Town of Stoneham Website

When you utilize the Town of Stoneham’s Online bill payment feature your payment is submitted electronically. We accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks (fees when applicable). It is fast and very efficient. Simply log into our Website and visit the online bill pay website.

Simply follow the instructions. Accounts are set-up prior so no additional references/notations are necessary. Please note: Small processing fee assessed for all electronic check payments. In addition to fees for credit card usage. Please call 781-279-2660 if you have any questions.

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