Volunteering in Stoneham

Volunteers who live in Stoneham staff most of the Town boards and committees. These people work hard toward solving difficult issues and setting or recommending a policy that helps to shape the kind of community we live in. Stoneham has a high level of volunteer skills available for almost every technical job in Town Government. There are opportunities for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort required.


If no vacancies exist at the time of your application, we will hold your document on file and notify you when an opening is available.

All vacancies are advertised in March of each year and appointments are made at the end of April. However, vacancies also occur at other times during the year. Terms of office vary from one to three years. 

Some of the committees to consider are:  Conservation Commission, Cultural Council, Historical Commission, Human Rights Commission, Memorial Parade Committee and Open Space & Recreation.

Why You Should Volunteer

There are as many reasons as there are volunteers, such as:

  • Add to your resume
  • Be aware of important events in town
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Help guide your community
  • Learn more about your community
  • Meet people
  • Take charge of a project
  • Watch your ideas get implemented

You won’t always get all these benefits out of all positions. As a volunteer, sometimes you’ll be frustrated, disappointed, or angry, just as you would be in any important job. But, the bottom line is community service, and you can take personal pride in doing your part.

Contact Information

If you have an interest in serving on one of the town boards, please fill out our application (PDF) and submit to:
Stoneham Select Board
35 Central Street
Stoneham, MA 02180 

You may also email a letter of request to Dava Kilbride.