Finance & Advisory Board


The Finance and Advisory Board is appointed by the Moderator and derives its authority and responsibilities from the statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Special Act, and the By-Laws of the Town.


The Stoneham Finance and Advisory Board is to:

  • Review fiscal and capital matters
  • Consider and balance the needs of all citizens
  • Make recommendations
  • Explain the impact of decisions to Town Meeting

From the Town By-Laws

“Section 2-18. Matters to be considered: The Finance and Advisory board shall consider matters relating to the appropriation, the borrowing and the expenditures of money by the town; its indebtedness; the methods of administration of its various officers and departments: property valuation and assessments; revenue sources and other municipal affairs; and make recommendations to the town, and any town board, officer or committee, relative to such matters. (1932 Bylaws, Article 2, Section 3; revenue sources, 5-4-92)“

Name Term Expiration Date
Michael Memmolo 2020
Christopher Waszak 2020
Wendy Smith 2021
Cory Mashburn 2022
Jeremy Doyle 2021
Carol O'Loughlin 2022
Ed Hurley 2021
Jennifer Goldenberg 2020
Andrew Harmon 2022
Tim Waitkevitch - Chairman 2020
Jennifer Gray 2022