Whip Hill Park

Flowers at Whip Hill ParkAbout Whip Hill Park

Whip Hill Park is a passive recreation area in the custody of the Stoneham Conservation Commission. The park is funded by the Whip Hill Park Trust with occasional financial support from the Town of Stoneham.

The Whip Hill estate was built in the 1930's by James and Angie Crockett and was used as a family residence until 1968 when it was presented to the Town of Stoneham by Mrs. Crockett as a memorial to her husband. The gift of the 30 acre estate has presented a remarkable natural resource for the enjoyment of all Stoneham Residents.

More Information & Support

If you would like more information on the park or to find out how you can support one of Stoneham's most beautiful public resources, please call the Stoneham Conservation Commission at 781-279-2696.