Stoneham High School Building Project          Stoneham School Building Committee (SSBC)

Stoneham residents can attend SSBC meetings either in person or via GoToMeeting and can find details about the meetings on this SSBC information page below under News and Events.

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News and Events

Join us for the next School Building Committee Meeting on October 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM at Central Middle School Media Center and by Remote Participation. 

Join Go-To-Meeting:
Dial: +1 (872) 240-3311 Access Code: 900-033-389

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Topping Off Ceremony Program

undefined Opens in new windowClick picture above for StonehamTV Video of the Topping Off Ceremony on May 22, 2023

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To view the latest Project Update on the New Stoneham High School project, click on the picture or caption below to start watching:

SHS Project Update STM 11Jan2023 TownHall Opens in new windowNew Stoneham High School Project Update
Special Town Meeting

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Click here for  Powerpoint Presentation from December 13, 2022 Community Forum

Powerpoint Presentation from January 5, 2023 Community Forum

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Special Town Meeting Presentation  and   Special Town Meeting Video

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Stoneham Select Board Approves School Building Committee Request for Special Town Meeting - December 13, 2022

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Stoneham Residents Invited to Upcoming Community Forum and Town Meeting Vote on High School Project - December 28, 2022

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Construction Update

Construction Events for the Coming Week: 
Week of September 25, 2023

The site will be open on Saturday, September 23, 2023 for continued waterproofing on the parapet, concrete drilling, and Area C under slab vapor barrier install.  

Effective as of July 13, 2023, temporary power and lighting will be on 24/7 for safety and security purposes.

The following activities will be taking place next week at Stoneham High School:

  • Installation of rebar and mesh Area C Level 01. Placement of slab on grade in Area C scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 2023. Placements will require approximately 16 concrete trucks coming in and out of the site starting at 7:30 am, finishing of slab with motor-powered equipment will carry on past 5 pm, noise of back of up alarms from truck and pump.
  • Drilling of concrete for rebar embedment in Area C Saturday, September 23, 2023. Noise of drills, noise of machines moving in and around the area.
  • Installation of parapet waterproofing along Roof Skylights in Area B.
  • Installation of wall air and vapor barrier on the east and west elevation Area C and Area B. Noise of lift alarms from relocating lift and moving up and down.
  • Spray on fire proofing of structural steel on Area C Level 03.
  • Layout and installation of exterior framing, sheathing and blocking Area A east and north elevations. Noise from chop saw cutting studs to length, noise of impact drivers screwing stud framing, noise/back up alarm from scissor lifts used to access east and west walls.
  • Layout and installation of  interior stud framing and drywall tops Area A Level 02 and level 01, and Area B Level 01. Noise from chop saw cutting studs to length, noise of impact drivers screwing stud framing.
  • Layout and installation of interior stud framing and drywall tops Area C level 03. Noise from chop saw cutting studs to length, noise of impact drivers screwing stud framing.
  • Layout and installation of of overhead duct work, mechanical piping, and plumbing piping Level 02 Area A. Noise of drilling into concrete deck for hanger installation 
  • Layout and fastening z-clips into structural steel members for partition framing Area C Level 03, Area B Level 03. Noise from powder actuated fasteners securing clips to structural steel.
  • Installation of TPO roofing system on Area C, and Area B roof. Noise from fastening of insulation board into metal deck.
  • Continued installation of Stair B in Area A Level 1-3. Noise from moving equipment and lifts in order to install required structure.

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Construction Progress Slideshow

Construction Updates for the Week of September 18, 2023

  • Building temporary window protection and installing in window openings.
  • Installation of temporary parking lot lighting.
  • Installation of below grade utilities, vapor barrier, rebar and wire mesh for Area B and C slab placements.
  • Placing concrete slab on grade for gymnasium in two pours.
  • Installation of Stair D and Stair B.
  • Installation of green girt, insulation and plywood along knee roof parapet walls of Area B and Area C.
  • Installation of vapor barrier on roof parapet walls of Area B and C.
  • Installation of vapor barrier around exterior window openings.
  • Installation of spray fireproofing on third floor Area B and C.
  • Installation of wood blocking for windows and curtainwall openings.
  • Framing and installing exterior sheathing of perimeter walls in Areas A, B and C.
  • Framing interior walls, Installation of drywall wall tops, insulation and acoustical sealant at top of interior walls.
  • Rough-in of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing on the second floor of Areas A, B, and C.
  • Spraying Aerlon thermal coating on perimeter steel in Area D.
  • Excavation, installation of underground Electrical and Plumbing and backfilling in Area D.
  • Installation of roof insulation and TPO membrane in Area C.


The School Building Committee meetings are open to all and the committee welcomes your attendance and input. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can find online versions of the meeting live, on Stoneham TV government channels (Comcast 22, RCN 15 and Verizon 36). You can also view the meetings at any time on in the Stoneham School Building Committee section.

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Name Title
Marie Christie,  
Past member of School Committee/Middle School Building Committee
David Bois,
Community Member with architecture experience
Dennis Sheehan Town Administrator / MCPPO Certified
David Ljungberg Superintendent of Schools
Nicole Nial School Committee Member
Raymie Parker Select Board Member
Bryan Lombardi Stoneham High School Principal
Douglas Gove Community Member with Engineer Experience
Stephen O'Neill Community Member with Engineer Experience
Josephine Thomson  Community Member, Middle School Faculty
Jeanne Craigie  Community Member, Town Moderator, Past member of School Committee and Middle School Building Committee
Lisa Gallagher  Community Member, School Secretary, Past member of Middle School Building Committee
Sharon Iovanni Community Member
Cory Mashburn Community Member, Finance and Advisory Board 
Paul Ryder Community Member with Construction Experience
Brian McNeil Facilities Director, Local Official responsible for Building Maintenance
Kevin Yianacopolus Local Official responsible for Building Maintenance
David Pignone Athletic Director, Member knowledgeable in educational mission
and function of facility
April Lanni Procurement Officer/MCPPO Certified