Residential Trash & Recycling Services

Update: Effective June 30, 2014 the Town of Stoneham will impose changes to the regulations concerning trash (solid waste) and recycling, provided to residential households.

Trash Collection Information - About Trash

  • 90 Gallon maximum total of rubbish placed curbside
  • Maximum rubbish barrel size - 48 gallons
  • 3 Barrel limit, 3 bag limit with 90 gallon total household limit on trash
  • Bags must be closed and tied if not in barrels
  • Barrels and/or plastic bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds each
  • 30 Gallon overflow bags If a household has more than 90 gallons of trash overflow bags are available for purchase, they are $2 each and are available at the Town Treasurer’s Office and local retail stores
  • It is strongly recommended to place plastic bags inside barrels with lids - 90 gallon maximum total
  • All trash must be level with the top of the barrel
  • 1 bulk item per week less than 50 pounds, example – kitchen chair, rugs and mats – one bundle rolled and tied in 3 foot lengths weighing less than 50 pounds -  any extra item over 50 pounds would require a sticker and an additional fee
  • Mandatory, single stream weekly recycle – no recycle / no trash pickup

Do not pull in your recycling containers until the trash has been collected!


Recycling is now weekly and unlimited. Recycling is mandatory. Recycling bins and containers will be collected weekly on your regular trash day. Recycling is now mandatory. If you do not put out your weekly recycling your trash will not be picked up. Recycling remains unlimited in proper containers.


Questions regarding the new policy should be directed to the Department of Public Works.