Spot Pond Loop Conceptual Design

Spot Pond Picture

Thanks to an earmark from State Representative Michael Day and State Senator Jason Lewis, the Town of Stoneham prepared a conceptual plan for a circumferential trail / trail network that would go around Spot Pond Reservoir. 

Spot Pond Reservoir is managed by the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) as a back-up water supply for the Boston metropolitan region. The land around the Pond is owned and managed by a number of state agencies, including the MWRA, Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Additional nearby land involved with the planning for this trail and trail network are owned by the City of Medford. 

Spot Pond is a valuable environmental resource for the entire region, and also represents an environmental-recreation asset that has not yet achieved its full potential. The Town has been in discussions with DCR for a number of years regarding the potential for a circumferential trail around Spot Pond. This idea was also incorporated into the Town of Stoneham Open Space and Recreation Plan. In recent and ongoing discussions, the DCR indicated a willingness to construct and maintain such a circumferential trail if it were designed and approved by all appropriate parties. 

This conceptual plan represents feedback from numerous meetings with staff, land-owning agencies, trail advocates and stakeholders, and the general public. The Town of Stoneham believes this Plan is a shared vision that can be used to implement future improvements in making the Spot Pond continuous loop a reality. 

The Spot Pond Conceptual Plan can be found here