Do Veteran's Agents work for the V A?

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No, Veterans Agents work for the Towns or Cities where they are located. They deal with benefits which are covered under MGL Ch. 115. These benefits are shared by The Commonwealth and The Town of Stoneham. For those who qualify there are several possibilities. Some get a monthly check, fuel assistance, medical assistance, prescription co pay, doctor co pay. Some people get what is called a Medical only, which helps with healthcare, but there is no monthly check. These benefits are all based on income, assets and rent/mortgage.

 Some of the links on this site describe what benefits qualified applicants may be eligible to receive. I can take applications for Ch 115 benefits and keep track of your case. If you receive Ch 115 benefits you are my client. Within a couple of days I can tell you if you have been approved.

V A benefits are Federal benefits. I can help you to apply for many of these benefits, but once the application is received by the V A all information becomes confidential between the applicant and the V A. I have no access to V A claims. You can designate certain specific organizations to be your representative for your claim (highly recommended). To do that you must fill out a form that gives them Power of Attorney.

That form is the V A form 21-22, and can be accessed on the link on the Vet's page which is named V A forms. I can download any V A form in this office and print it out also. If you go to the ebenefits page and set up an account you can open your own account and check the status of your case online by creating a username and password when you open your account.