Raffle and Bazaar Permits

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In accordance with MGL 271:7A, a permit for a raffle and /or a bazaar may be obtained by certain qualifying non-profit organizations: a veterans’ organization chartered by Congress; a church or religious organization; a fraternal or fraternal benefit society; an educational or charitable organization; a civic or service club or organization; or a club or organization organized and operated exclusively for pleasure, recreation or non-profit purposes, no part of which inures to the benefit of any member
An activity authorized under the permit includes, the sale of tickets to be determined by chance (raffle), or an event maintained by the sponsoring organization for the award of merchandise by chance (bazaar). Bazaars include Las Vegas/Casino Night and the popular Texas Hold’ems
In addition to the specific requirements and qualifications under the Law Governing Raffles and Bazaars, there are also specific requirements and regulations regarding each of these events from the Attorney General’s Office, as well. 


For more information, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office.