Town of Stoneham Parking Regulations

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 Parking Regulations  


The Stoneham Police Department reminds you that winter parking regulations will be in effect as of December 1st. This means that no parking is permitted on public streets between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. until APRIL 1.

Residents are particularly reminded that parking is not permitted on sidewalks at any time. This often becomes a problem in the winter when residents attempt to comply with winter parking restrictions by placing cars on the sidewalk.

This is not only illegal – it is also dangerous for pedestrians trying to negotiate the sidewalks in already difficult circumstances.

The Director of Public Works, for the purpose of removing or plowing snow or removing ice from any way within the limits of the Town and from the Town parking areas and from any other land owned or used by the Town, may remove or cause to be removed to some public garage or other convenient place, any vehicle parked upon such highway, parking area or land and interfering with such work, and the storage charges and other costs of such removal shall be borne and paid by the owner of the vehicle.

  • Upon the accumulation of 3” of snow or more a parking emergency shall exist and on street parking is not allowed at any time.

These regulations are in effect in order to facilitate snow and ice control in the town. During snow operation/emergencies, parking in the Public Right of Way shall be prohibited at all times.

In order to more efficiently regulate parking in the Town of Stoneham and to more effectively use parking in the down town municipal parking lots, the Police Chief or his designee is hereby authorized to administer a program through which eligible individuals, as defined below, may purchase parking placards from the Town Clerk for a fee. Individuals and or businesses may be able to purchase a yearly or quarterly permit.  Vehicles bearing a valid, placard would be allowed to park any where within any municipal lot for each period for which a parking Placard is issued. Placard must be prominently displayed on the center of the vehicle’s dashboard. Enforcement of this regulation shall be Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. This regulation does not supersede regulations pertaining to emergencies declared in the Town of Stoneham, street sweeping or snow removal regulations. This regulation will become effective April 1, 2008 as amended October 2013

(a)  Parking permits: the appropriate placard that will be prominently displayed on the front dashboard of the eligible vehicle. Said parking placard will bear the emblem of the Town of Stoneham with the business name or residential address corresponding with the permit number issued by the town to which it is assigned. Said parking placard may be transferable or assignable to another vehicle which must be listed on the permit application.

(b)  Eligible persons: the following persons are eligible to purchase parking placards:
       (1)  Residents of the Town of Stoneham, with proof of residency,
       (2)  Owners of businesses located within the Town of Stoneham,
       (3)  Persons employed within the Town of Stoneham, with proof of employment.

(c)  Vehicles
      (1)  The following vehicles are not eligible under this regulation:
            a)  Vehicles that have a carrying capacity of more than one ton,
            b)  buses,
            c)  truck tractors,
            d)  vehicles that exceed twenty feet in length,
            e)  vehicles bearing LV (livery plates) license plates.
      (2)  Eligible vehicles shall:
            a)   Have a valid vehicle registration and be insured,
            b)  Have no unpaid parking violations,
            c)  Have no unpaid vehicle excise tax
            d) Be service/construction vehicles that obtain a placard from the Town Clerk’s office the cost of the placard shall be $5.00 each day the vehicle is parked on the street. This service/construction vehicle placard can only be issued for two consecutive days and no more than four days in any week.

(d) Fees: The fee for said business placard shall be $200.00 annually or $60.00 quarterly unless the permit is issued for the Recreation Park municipal parking lot than the fees shall be $100.00 annually and $30.00 quarterly. All permits will be issued on a annual basis from the date of issuance. For service/construction vehicles there will be no fee for the first two days and $10 a day there after allowing them to park in parking lots but not on Main St. for more than two hours. There shall be no refunds on any fees paid.

(e) Appeals: Any appeal of this regulation shall be decided by the police chief or his designee. All appeals must be made within the prescribed time and all decisions
shall be final and binding.

  • During routine street sweeping along Main Street from Lindenwood Street to Marble Street no parking will be allowed as follows:
  • On Tuesdays, from April 1, to December 31, cars may not park on the east side of Main Street from 5:00am until 6:00am, and on the west side of Main Street from 6:00am until 7:00am. Signs will be posted.

It is the responsibility of the Town of Stoneham’s Police Chief or his designee to enforce this regulation. Any vehicle that parks longer than two hours must have the appropriate colored placard coinciding with the municipal lot. Any vehicle parked in the designated municipal lot without a valid sticker shall be fined without a valid appropriate placard is subject to a fine. The penalty/fine will be $25.00 (twenty five dollars) for each and every offense. If there are more than three (3) offenses that have not been paid than the holder of the permit shall lose their privilege to the commercial parking sticker until all fines and penalties are paid in full and are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.  Any misuse or abuse of this permit shall result in immediate forfeiture of the privilege to use the permit and shall be subject to fines of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) for each day the misuse or abuse occurs.
During routine street sweeping along Main Street from Lindenwood Street to Marble Street. On Tuesdays, from April 1, to December 31, cars may not park on the east side of
Main Street from 5:00am until 6:00am, and on the west side of Main Street from 6:00am until 7:00am. Signs will be posted.


  1. Handicapped ramp $300.00
  2. Fire lane $100.00
  3. Ten (10) feet from a fire hydrant $100.00
  4. Bus stop $100.00
  5. Fifteen (15) feet from a fire station $50.00
  6. Interfering with snow removal or plowing $25.00
  7. On a crosswalk $25.00
  8. Within an intersection $25.00
  9. Within twenty (20) feet of an intersection $25.00
  10. In front of a private road or driveway $25.00
  11. Permit parking $25.00
  12. Double parking $15.00
  13. Wrong direction $15.00
  14. Not in a designated area $15.00
  15. Upon a sidewalk $15.00
  16. Restricted Area $15.00
  17. All night parking over 1 hour $15.00
  18. Loading or service zone $15.00
  19. Overtime parking $15.00
  20. Second and subsequent violation of overtime parking period $15.00
  21. Less than ten (10) feet unobstructed lane $15.00
  22. Over one (1) foot from curb $15.00