Domestic Violence

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What is Abuse? Abuse is when another person hurts you or treats you badly. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, of financial. You may experience more than one type of abuse.

Domestic abuse can occur in all intimate relationships. Whether a couple is dating, married, or cohabitating, in a same -sex or heterosexual relationship, domestic violence can occur. It may also occur in parent-child relationships, extended family-child relationships and sibling relationships.

The Stoneham Police Department

Domestic Violence Officer

Sgt David Thistle

781-438-1215 x3159

Public Safety Domestic Violence Liason

781-438-1215 x3106

The Stoneham Police Department works closely with the Middlesex County District Attorneys Office, REACH, Mystic Valley Elder Services, Stoneham Alliance Against Violence, and other organizations to assist the victims of Domestic Violence.

SAAV(Stoneham Alliance Against Violence) is a diverse group whose members care about Stoneham and its quality of life. Noting an upswing in reported incidences of violence in the Town, the group came together to address this issue.

"The violence is not your fault".

"You did not make it happen".

"You are not alone".

For information on the danger signs, choices, resources, and a safety plan.

You can contact SAAV at