Detective Bureau

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Division Commander
Detective Lieutenant David Stefanelli - x3139
Division Supervisor
Detective Sergeant Robert Kennedy - x3131
Division Members
Day Detective Steven Carroll - x3136
Juvenile Detective Paul Norton - x3135
Court Prosecutor Detective Christopher Copan - x3201
Night Detective Patrick Carroll - x3147
Narcotics Detective - x3124
Computer Specialist Officer David Ryan - x3154
To contact any of the above Detectives please call (781) 438-1215 followed by their extension.
Anonymous Drug Tip Hotline
781-832-0156 (Text or voice to text)
Anonymous General Tip Hotline
781-832-0292 (Text or voice to text)
Division Overview
The Detective Bureau is responsible for General, Narcotic and Follow-up Investigations.  Some of the Detective Bureau assignments are suspect identification, crime scene processing, interviews, evidence processing, drug testing, survelliance, bank robbery task force and drug task force.