Open Space and Recreation Committee

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Unicorn Recreational Area Committee was replaced by Article 9 of the Annual Town Meeting held May 1, 2000

Town Code Section 2-37.2 – Open Space and Recreation Advisory Committee

  1. Selection and term of members:  The Open Space and Recreation Advisory Committee shall, at its inception, consist of all current members of the Youth Commission and Unicorn Recreational Area Committee, who will, if they so desire, complete their terms as scheduled, but shall serve the remainder of their scheduled terms as members of the Open Space and Recreation Advisory Committee.  Subsequent appointments shall be made as follows:  four (4) Committee members shall be appointed in the year 2000; three (3) Committee members shall be appointed in the year 2001; and four (4) Committee members shall be appointed in the year 2002, all for terms of  three years.  All subsequent appointments, except for the filling of vacancies, shall also be for three (3) years.
  2. Vacancies:  The Board of Selectmen shall, within sixty (60) days of a vacancy, appoint a new member to complete the unexpired term of any member who vacates his or her position on the Committee.
  3. Organizational meeting:  The Committee shall meet for organizational purposes not later than thirty (30) days following the annual appointment of its members to elect its officers for a term of one year.
  4. Duties:  The Committee duties shall include: providing advice and recommendations to the appropriate Town officials, both elected and appointed, regarding the open space and recreation needs of the Town including but not limited to the Golf Courses, Arena, all existing and future playgrounds and recreation areas, preparing and updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan, and developing recreational programs and activities for residents of the Town,

Board Members

Name Title
Dennis Visconti - Chairman 2018
David Goodberg 2019
John Bracciotti 2017
Maura Hayes Campbell - Co-Secretary 2017
Therese DiBlasi 2019
Stephen G. McDonough - Vice Chairman 2017
Cathy Richardson 2017
James Sarno 2017
Stephen Sylvester 2019
Aldo Ursino 2017
Cynthia Hemenway - Co-Secretary 2019
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