Board of Selectmen Update on the MWRA Northern Intermediate High Pipeline Project

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A construction progress meeting on the MWRA Northern Intermediate High (NIH) Pipeline Project, currently in progress in the Robin Hood Elementary School/Oak Street neighborhood, was held on January 9, 2018. In attendance were representatives from the MWRA, Albanese D&S Inc., Green International Affiliates , Sergeant Christopher Apalakis and Officer Joseph Ponzo, from the Stoneham Police Department,  Town Engineer, Robert Grover, Water and Sewer Foreman, Bob Radigan, and Board of Selectmen Secretary, Dava Kilbride.  The Board of Selectmen would like to inform residents of the following information:

  • The MWRA reports that all residents that were on bypass water supply have been returned to full water service.

  • One crew will continue to work at the intersection of North Street and Forest Street throughout the winter months, as the weather allows.This crew is performing drainage and metering work and will have little to no impact to the residents.

  • One crew is working to install 40 inch pipe in the Lindenwood area.

  • Because the MWRA’s work in the Oak Street area has been completed, the rodent control program has been scaled back with no issues being reported at this time.All rodent concerns should be reported to the Stoneham Board of Health at 781-279-2621.

  • The Stoneham Police report that there have been no traffic related issues in the area and that traffic calming measures have been removed until paving begins in the spring.

  • Any and all problems related to construction should be immediately reported to MWRA Project Manager, Alejandro Alvarez at 617-454-7531, and to the Town Administrator, Thomas Younger at 781-279-2600.

  • The MWRA continues to update the progress of this project daily at can receive daily updates from the MWRA by signing up for Everbridge notifications through the MWRA website, the Town of Stoneham website, or by going .


You may also visit the MWRA project page for updates: