MWRA Northern Intermediate High Project

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The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority recently awarded the Northern Intermediate High (NIH) redundant water main construction contract to Albanese D&S Construction Company.  This project involves the installation of 7,800 feet of a 48 inch water pipeline within the town of Stoneham.  The contract also includes the installation of new water valves and new meters.  Albanese D&S plans on performing the work in phases.

The first phase of work will begin the week of April 10, 2017.  This phase of work involves the installation of a temporary water bypass system.  The bypass system will be in place until late fall of 2017.  Once this first phase of work is complete then the contractor will begin to install the 48 inch water line.  The current area of work will take place on Cottage Street between Lindenwood Road and Williams Street.  Work hours will be from Monday through Friday from 7AM-5PM. 

The MWRA has met with Stoneham’s’ DPW office, Police and Fire Departments, and other offices to review the construction plans, traffic plans, police detail plans, and other important information to insure the project advances with everyone’s cooperation.   

As mentioned you will begin to see this construction activity beginning the  week of April 10th.  Construction activity will increase as the weather improves.  For more information on the project please visit the web site and search for The Northern Intermediate High (NIH) project.  If you have any questions kindly contact MWRA’s community relations manager Jeff McLaughlin at 617-305-5762 or you may email him at

MWRA has recently developed a new notification system for communicating information to residents regarding construction projects, community meetings and more.  Once you sign up you will receive periodic updates on the progress of the construction project.  We encourage all residents to sign up at

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