Local Officials Remind Residents About Parking Rules

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Local Officials Remind Residents

About Parking Rules


In an effort to enhance the safety of pedestrians traveling throughout Stoneham, local officials are reminding residents about some basic rules to follow when parking their car.  Drivers can receive a parking violation when their vehicle blocks a handicapped ramp, parked on a crosswalk, parked within 20 feet of an intersection or parked in the wrong direction on a roadway.  Fines for these violations range from $15 to $300.

Another common violation involves cars parked upon a sidewalk.  While the intent of the driver is good in that they are trying to keep as much of their vehicle from being parked on the roadway, the unintended consequence is that pedestrians must now walk around an obstacle on the sidewalk – their vehicle.  When using a sidewalk, a pedestrian should not have to walk onto the street to avoid a parked vehicle.  Maneuvering around a vehicle can be particularly challenging for residents pushing a baby carriage or needing the assistance of a walker. 

Residents are reminded to not park their vehicles upon a sidewalk.  This includes vehicles which may be parked in a driveway, but extend from the driveway onto the sidewalk.   The fine for parking on a sidewalk is $15.

Over the next few months, the Town’s Traffic Advisory Committee, consisting of the Town Administrator, DPW Director, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Safety Officer, Town Planner and Town Clerk, will be looking at traffic and parking issues throughout all sections of Stoneham to enhance the safety of pedestrians and motorists.  Items to be reviewed include speed limits on roadways, installation of roadway signage, and instituting parking restrictions on roadways if needed.

By complying with our parking and traffic laws, we will make Stoneham a safer community for all.