Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule

The Stoneham Fire Department conducts smoke and carbon monoxide for the sale of a home

on Tuesdays of each week.   Please call (781-507-2541  for your appointment two weeks in advance.

Fire Main Connection (NFPA 13D systems are exempt)

$.05 cents per square foot

Fire Main Annual Fee (NFPA 13D systems are exempt)

4 “or less -     $600.00

6 “                   $900.00

8 “                 $1200.00    

10 “                 $2100.00

12 “                $3000.00       

Oil burner installations
Propane installation and storage
$50.00 /five years
Flammable liquid and combustible storage
$50.00 /five years
Gunpowder and ammunitions storage
Fireworks display
$50.00 plus detail firefighter(s)
$50.00 plus detail firefighter(s)
Carnivals permit
$100.00 plus detail firefighter(s)
Tank truck inspections
$50.00 for 2 years
Tank removal
$50.00 per tank
Tank installation
$50.00 per tank
Smoke detector inspections
Single family
Two family
3-5 family
$50.00 per unit
6-25 units
$50.00 plus $25.00 per unit
over 25 units
$125.00 plus $25.00 per unit
Annual fee for connecting to municipal fire alarm system
$50.00 plus detail firefighter(s)
Welding and cutting
$50.00 plus detail firefighter(s)
Model rockets
Moving a building through entire cost moving the wires by the Town of Stoneham
Tar kettle
Supervised firing of cannon
Testing of sprinkler and standpipe systems
Plan review for commercial property
Fire alarm systems
Fire sprinkler systems
Quarterly inspections including Hotel, motel, nursing homes, clinics
100.00 annually
Inspection of places of assembly Including theatres, movie houses
$50.00 annually