Auxiliary Fire

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The Stoneham Auxiliary Fire Department has a rich history of service to The Town of Stoneham since its creation in 1940.  As a result of WWII and efforts across the homeland to bolster Civil Defense the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted legislation that resulted in the creation of auxiliary police and fire departments to assist cities and towns.  This was necessary since so many regular policemen and firemen were serving in the armed forces.

The Stoneham Auxiliary Fire Department operates under the direction of the Stoneham Fire Department. It is an all volunteer organization whose members generously volunteer their time, energy and skills to provide support services to the Stoneham Fire Department and the community as a whole.

The role of the Auxiliary Fire Department in Stoneham has traditionally been to staff and man the departments Lighting Plant.  The Lighting Plant, designated "Lighting 1" responds to all working fires at night and all second alarm fires or greater during the day. The Auxiliary Fire Department also responds to mutual aid requests from other communities when summonsed.

The Auxiliary Fire Department also proudly charters the towns Fire Explorer Program, serving the youth of Stoneham and surrounding towns.  We are proud to have one of the largest and most active Fire Explorer programs in Eastern Massachusetts.

The men and women of the Auxiliary and Explorer Program are honored and privileged to be able to serve our community and be a small part of such a rich and noble history in Stoneham.

Warmest Regards,
Richard Hastings, Auxiliary Fire Chief

Auxiliary Fire Department Command Staff Contacts

Richard Hastings, Auxiliary Fire Chief
Michael Soper, Aide to Auxiliary Chief
Robert Sartori, Auxiliary Fire Captain
Brian Cronin, Auxiliary Fire Lieutenant

The Stoneham Auxiliary Fire Department can be contacted via email at: