Engineering Department

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Working under the direction and guidance of the Public Works Director/Town Engineer, Engineering is directly involved in the diverse activities performed by the Public Works Department as listed below:

  • Oversees the planning, design, construction, and renovation of the many miles of water, sewer, and storm drainage piping within the Town’s distribution and collection systems.
  • Development of the annual work construction program along with plans, specifications, and all appropriate bidding materials.
  • Construction control and supervision.
  • Cemetery roadway layout and plot planning.
  • Preparation of plans, specifications, and bidding documents for various construction projects involving the Town’s infrastructure.
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations relative to bidding contracts and the procurement of services.
  • Contract award and execution.
  • Overseeing and administering contracts and construction inspections relative to those contracts.
  • Responding to citizen inquiries and complaints relative to Public Works projects and infrastructure.
  • Reviewing plot plans of individual homes with respect to water/sewer locations and driveway grading.
  • Site plan and subdivision review with associated surety-need estimates in regard to construction costs within Town approved subdivisions. These estimates are needed for bonding to ensure the completion of projects in accordance with Town standards. ~Reevaluation of surety is completed by the engineers as construction proceeds.
  • Prioritizing roadway maintenance on a 70-mile plus roadway network.
  • Maintenance of virtually every Town building (excluding schools) and various properties under the control of the Department of Public Works.
  • Providing maintenance/replacement and upgrading services for 11 signalized intersections (traffic signals).
  • Providing for annual traffic marking (centerline, stop bar, crosswalk) services.
  • Engineering serves as a consultant to every Town department and committee in regard to technical support for engineering related services.
  • Engineering maintains detailed records and plans of various structures and utilities throughout Town. Additional plans drafted by the department are indexed and filed. Scaled drawings and field sketches indicating the age, type, and location of virtually every sewer main, water main, and storm drain as well as each individual water and sewer service connection to every home in Town, are kept at DPW.
  • Reviewing street opening requests by contractors and utilities and supervising the restoration of the Town’s infrastructure
  • Prioritizing pumping station maintenance and operations.
  • Coordinate pavement repair and sidewalk replacement as funds allow.
  • Development of the annual paving program including the submission of various project request forms and subsequent reimbursement request forms related to work that is state funding based (Chapter 90).
  • Sign installation and replacement programs.
  • Coordinate tree maintenance and planting.
  • Managing snow plow operations of roadways and sidewalks.
  • Ordering various materials required for maintenance and construction.
  • Emergency response during inclement weather conditions, including downed trees and dangerous conditions.
  • Managing all contractors that work within the public way throughout the year.
  • Managing all operations at the Towns recycle yard.
  • Calculating and comparing various options available for management of town recycle yard to ensure financial effectiveness.
  • Prioritizing streetlight repair, maintenance, and assessment of streetlight requests to ensure town criteria are met.
  • Assist DPW personnel with Dig-Safe mark outs.
  • Assessment of field maintenance needs and organic fertilization programs as funds allow.
  • Irrigation system yearly assessment, coordination of repairs, and programming.
  • Assess and recommend changes to the vehicle inventory, including evaluating recommendations from mechanics.
  • Manage the backflow prevention program as required by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and file yearly reports.
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