Capital Improvement Advisory Committee

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Town Code Sec. 2-37.3 - Amended by Article 15 at the Special Town Meeting held on October 17, 2016

Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen: One Selectmen, One Planning Board member, One Finance & Advisory Board member, School Superintendent or his designee, the Town Administrator, three residents of Stoneham as selected by the Board of Selectmen, One member of the School Committee and the Town Accountant.

Town Code Section 2-37.3  Capital Improvement Advisory Committee

(a)        The Board of Selectmen shall establish and appoint a Capital Improvement Advisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”), composed of:

i.  one member of the Board of Selectmen as chosen by the Board;
ii.  one member of the Planning Board as chosen by the Board;
iii.  one member of the Finance and Advisory Board as chosen by that Board;
iv.  the School Superintendent or his designee;
v.   the Town Administrator; and
vi.   three residents of Stoneham selected by the Board of Selectmen
vii.  one member of the School Committee

viii.  the Town Accountant

The Committee shall choose its own officers.

(b)        The Committee shall study proposed capital projects and improvements involving major non-recurring tangible assets and projects which:

i.   are purchased, or undertaken, at intervals of not less than five years;
ii.  have a useful life of at least three (3) years; and
iii.  incur a total cost over $10,000.

(c)        All departments, officers, boards and committees, including the Selectmen and School Committee, shall, by February 28th of each year, give to the Committee, on forms prepared by the Committee, information concerning all anticipated projects requiring Town Meeting action during the ensuing five (5) years.  The Committee shall consider the relative need, impact, timing and cost of these expenditures and the effect each will have on the financial position of the town.

(d)       The Committee shall prepare an annual report recommending a Capital Improvement Budget for the next fiscal year and a Capital Improvement Program including recommended capital improvements for the following five (5) fiscal years.  The report shall be submitted to the Board of Selectmen prior to the annual town meeting to assist the Board of Selectmen with their recommended Capital Budget.                                                                       

(e)        The Committee’s report and the Selectmen’s recommended Capital Budget shall be published and made available in a manner consistent with the distribution of the Finance and Advisory Board Town Meeting recommendations.  The Committee shall file its report with the Town Clerk.

Board Members

Name Title
Anthony Wilson - Selectman
Thomas Younger - Town Administrator
John Macero - School Superintendent
Marie Christie - School Committee
Tim Waitkevitch - Finance & Advisory Board
Daniel Moynihan - Planning Board
David Castellarin
Tom Barry - Resident Member - Chairman 2019
Ryan Brown - Resident Member 2020
Kara Johnston-Resident Member 2019
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