Town Code

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Bylaws, Rules and Regulations Legislative Acts


Town Code Preface
Table of Contents
Selectmen-Administrator Act
Chapter 1 General Provisions Sec.
Chapter 2 Administration
Chapter 3 Animals and Fowl
Chapter 4 Buildings
Chapter 5 Electricity, Plumbing and Gas
Chapter 5A Stoneham Alarm Bylaw
Chapter 6 Health and Sanitation
Chapter 7 Junk and Secondhand Articles
Chapter 8 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 9 Offenses - Miscellaneous
Chapter 10 Personnel
Chapter 11 Wetlands Protection Bylaw
Chapter 11A Stormwater
Chapter 12 Solicitors, Canvassers, Etc.
Chapter 13 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 13A Earth Removal
Chapter 13B Fingerprint-Based Background Checks
Chapter 14 Water
Chapter 14A Weights and Measurers
Chapter 15 Zoning
Chapter 16 Board of Selectmen
Chapter 17 Planning Board
Chapter 18 Board of Appeals
Chapter 19 Board of Retirement
Chapter 20 Board of Health
Chapter 21 Council on Aging
Chapter 22 Stoneham Public Library
Chapter 23 Conservation Commission
Legislative Acts Accepted or Petitioned
by the  Town of Stoneham