2017 - Concrete Sidewalk & Granite Curb Install

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E-Mail: DLizotte@stoneham-ma.gov to confirm you are bidding to receive Addenda!

ADDENDA 1 Issued July 3, 2017

ADDENDA 2 Issued July 10, 2017


Sealed bids for the installation of concrete sidewalk & granite curb and related work for the Town of Stoneham Massachusetts, acting by its Town Administrator, will be received at the Public Works Department, 16 Pine Street, Stoneham Massachusetts, until 2:00 P.M., Thursday July 20, 2017.

Sealed bids on bid forms shall be mailed or delivered to Mr. Robert E. Grover, P.E. Director of Public Works, 16 Pine Street, Stoneham MA 02180, with the designation “Concrete Sidewalk & Granite Curb Contract” on the envelope. If designation is too faint or small, bid will be dismissed and returned to the bidder.

This Invitation to Bidders is made pursuant to, and is subject to, Chapter 30, Section 39M, et. seq.

General Scope of work is comprised of but not limited to labor, materials, and all other necessary work associated with the installation of concrete sidewalk ADA ramps & granite curb.

Bids shall be made on the basis of the Minimum Wage Rates as determined by the Commissioner of Labor and Industries, said minimum rates as established, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 149, Sections 26 and 27 inclusive, of Massachusetts General Laws.

Contract documents may be examined at the Public Works Department, 16 Pine Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts. A non-refundable deposit of $30.00 is required for bid documents, or may be obtained for free at www.stoneham-ma.gov under the Departments – Department of Public Works Tab. Bidders are responsible to notify the Town of their intent to submit a proposal in order to receive addenda. Bid documents may be mailed upon receipt of bid deposit and a separate payment of a $10.00 mailing fee.

The award will be based upon Contractor’s qualifications and the bid price.  As set forth in the specifications, performance and payment bonds in the amount of 100% the contract price will be required from the successful bidder. The Town of Stoneham reserves the right to waive any informality in or to reject any and all bids, if it were in the public interest to do so.

Contractors must bear all costs associated with their proposal including preparation, copying, postage, and delivery costs.  The Town will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Contractors responding to this ITB.

The Town retains the rights to cancel this solicitation at any time prior to the execution and approval of a contract.  If this solicitation is canceled, all proposals received in response to this ITB will be rejected.  All proposal preparation costs remain the responsibility of the Contractor.

The Town makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, that any purchases will take place from any Contract or Agreement resulting from this Invitation to Bid.  Any statement made regarding past expenditures or estimated expenditures are for informational purposes only, and are not binding on the Town.

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